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Sir Arthur, King of Camelot

None Sir Arthur is the noble king of Camelot.  After acquiring Excalibur, he proceeded to unify his kingdom under a rule of peace and justice.  For many years Camelot lived in such peace, but the evil of Satan was brewing in the background.

Now with Satan taking over his land and his wife, the princess, he must once again don his knight attire and fight to save the princess and free Camelot.

Sir Arthur, King of Camelot (naked)

None The same man as the one above, except during play, if you are hit with armor on, you are left behind to fend for yourself without any protection.  Beware one more attack, or you will die.

Sir Arthur, King of Camelot (under Grave Spirit Spell)

None This is what occurs when a Grave Spirit hits you with his spell.  You are temporarily crippled and can only hop around or take large jumps.



The undead of the land.  Once peacefully resting for eternity, these bodies have been revived by Satan for his purposes.  They now roam around the land in search for the living.



It is has been said that crows can detect evil forces and be commanded by them.  This is true.  Although they are pure creatures, they're being controlled by Satan.  They fly aimlessly in search of victims on which to prey.  The blue crows fly sideways in wavy patterns.  The red crows pick a target, and fly right at it.

Eyeball Plant


Satan has mutated the normal plants of the land into these hideous forms.  Reminiscent of the Deadly Fly-Trap Plant, these plants bite those who get close to them and spit eyeballs from their throats at would-be heroes.

Grave Spirit

200 Satan has warped the boundaries between hell and earth so as to allow these evil spirits to emerge.  The gravestones of the land hold these condemned spirits at bay, but should you disturb a grave long enough (by shooting objects at it), it will release these spirits.  They have the power to transform you into a harmless frog, rendering you useless for a few moments.

Sons of Satan

1000 Satan has had many sons, and they do his bidding without question.  These devils' youth makes them extraordinarily fast and extremely hard to hit.  Only a determined and strategic hero will be able to defeat these demons.

Dark Shield Knights

100 The Order of the Dark Shield Knights.  These loathsome excuses for knights have sold their souls to Satan for the ability to rule in parts of the world.  Satan played a trick on them and gave them a solitary forest (on the first level) to be their "kingdom".  They now do his bidding there, killing ordinary citizens who walk through the forest.  They're magical shields protect them from any frontal attack.  Hit them from behind.


100 Neither living or dead, these wraiths roam the forests of the land and Satan's castle harpooning those they see fit.  Be extremely cautious around them, they will change direction abruptly.


2000 When the land was ruled by the peace loving knights of Camelot, these monsters had been imprisoned to protect the population.  Satan has set them loose and they now ravage the countryside.  It is said that he keeps some as guards of the castle.

They are twice as tall as ordinary humans,  much stronger, and they can emit fireballs from their mouths.  They can withstand many hits to their body without dying.  Be careful, they are faster than they look!

Blue Devils


The regular minions of hell.  These creatures are normal humans who have been condemned to hell.  They're hellish powers allows them to withstand extreme cold or fire.  You will find them in the ice world, the bridge of fire, and in Satan's castle.  Beware their speed!

Ogres 500 Ogres are nothing special.  They're brutish outside (complete with an "I love mom" heart tattoo on both arms) hides a dumb inside.  They wander the halls of towns and castles for treasures.  Should someone get in their way, their brutal strength and deadly throwing maces will make short fight of any encounter

Purple Goblins 100 Purple Goblins are a curious race.  They prefer to hide in the environment and attack from behind.  They're certainly foul creatures, with purple skin and small vampiric fangs.  They're small wings allow them to fly for small periods of time, but you will most likely find them running at you.  Purple Goblins are master hideouts and will be found in many different places of the land.  Beware, for they may appear quickly!

Bats 100 Bats, like crows, are attuned to evil forces.  Satan's takeover of the land has attuned their senses to his power.  They are powerless to resist his will.  They fly in the caves of the land and in Satan's castle.

Two-Headed Golems 300 Golems are creatures of stone.  Condemned long ago by dark magic to an eternity in stone, they have the ability to come alive for brief seconds to shoot stone balls at a passerby.  These Golems have two heads, allowing them to shoot from the top head, the low head, or both.

Dragons 200 body part

1000 head

The Prince of Darkness keeps 3 dragons as personal pets (and guards).  He has placed 2 on the gates of the caves and the bridge of fire and retained one to guard the stairways of his personal quarters in the castle.

Skeletons 100 The dead bones of citizens of the land.  Like zombies, they have been reanimated to serve Satan.  At first glance, they seem a dead skull on the floor, but get closer and the skull will transform into a completely built skeleton.  They will jump around quickly, making them a dangerous addition to Satan's Army.

The Red Guard 3000 When Lucifer was condemned by God to an eternity in hell for insubordination, he brought fellow fallen angel revoltists with him.  The Red Guard are his closest conspirators against the power of God.  Like Satan, they possess greater evil power than the rest of the monsters and are Satan's personal bodyguards.  At the beginning of the game, one of the guard captures the princess.  You must destroy them if you wish to face Satan.

Satan (a.k.a Lucifer, Mephisto, The Devil)

"Prince of Darkness"

10000 The Prince of Darkness is the ultimate manifestation of evil.  When God cast evil out of heaven, he embodied it in the body of Satan.  Satan has two heads, one on top, and one in his stomach.  Both can shoot fireballs.

His collected power makes Satan completely invulnerable to normal man-made weapons.  Only two objects have been known to penetrate his unholy side, the Holy Cross where Jesus Christ was crucified, or the Holy Shield from the Third Crusade.  One of these objects will be in the path toward Satan's castle.  Find it and use it against him before it's too late

No one knows how to kill Satan.  Arthur must find out on his own.  Good luck.

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