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Sir Arthur in Normal Armor

None Arthur in Normal Armor.  This is the same suit of armor that protected him from Satan's minions in the first game.  He wears it to give him protection.  If hit while wearing it, he will turn into Arthur in underwear.

Sir Arthur in Magic Armor

None Arthur in Magic Armor.  This armor allows Arthur to charge up energy for special attacks.  The attack depends on the weapon he holds at the particular moment.

If hit while wearing it, he will turn into Arthur in underwear.

Sir Arthur in Underwear

None Arthur turns to this state when he is damaged while wearing ANY type of armor.  He can still fight as good as with armor, but one more attack and he will turn into a pile of bones.

Sir Arthur under Aging Spell

None This is what occurs to Arthur when he is hit by The Magician's Spell when running around in his underwear.  Although crippled in his movement and attacks, Arthur can still shoot slowly and walk and jump slightly.

Sir Arthur under Duck Spell


This is what occurs to Arthur when he is hit by The Magician's Spell when wearing ANY kind of armor.  He is completely crippled and useless for a short time.  All you can do is run away from monsters or jump over them.


Sorcerer Supreme

None The good Merlin appears at the end of the game (first time through) to advise you that you need the Goddess of War's Fireball weapon (the Psycho Cannon).  Without it, you cannot harm Loki.

Goddess of War

None The Goddess of War appears when you have acquired the Magic Armor.  She leaves behind her Psycho Cannon weapon, the only weapon that can kill Loki.

Princess Guinevere

None Princess Guinevere again finds herself kidnapped.  This time, however, it's not her, but her soul.  Loki could not breach the gates of Hell and Earth without using pure souls.  So he set about capturing people's souls so they could form a body, his body.  Princess Guinevere was the latest addition to his body, and Arthur will stop at nothing to release her and everybody's souls.

Grim Reaper

100 The dead had lain six feet under peacefully after the destruction of Satan by Arthur.  With the appearance of the demon Loki, they have risen from the ground and are terrorizing the countryside.  Will they ever rest?

The Magician

100 Much like the grave spirits in the first GNG, The Magicians are relatively harmless.  They can't hurt you, but their magic can render you useless or weaker, depending on your status.

If you are wearing ANY armor, you will be turned into a harmless duck.  If you are in your underwear, you will be turned into an old man, decreasing your speed of walking, jumping, and shooting.


200 Vultures have always been loathsome creatures.  They do nothing more than stand around and wait for something to die so they can go feast on them.  These vultures, however, are not willing to wait for something to die.  Watch your back around them.

Skull Flower + Skull

100 Skull Flowers are another of those natural abominations.  They were normal flowers warped by the evil power of Loki.  They now extract the skulls of dead people from the ground, spitting them out in sets of three into the air.

The skulls cannot be destroyed, so avoid their fall.

 Tornado Weasel

200 Tornado Weasels are strange creatures.  No doubt they were normal weasels before Loki arrived on the scene.  Their new "arms" are made of solid steel and are razor sharp.  They have also been given the extraordinary power to rapidly spin and bat their arms.  By doing so, they can create a tornado like whirlwind, allowing them to fly and kill anything they come in contact.  They are invulnerable to any attacks while spinning.  Wait until they stop to rest to kill them.

Giant Earthworms

200 These creatures were horribly mutated from the harmless creatures they normally were.  They are curious to find out what lives above the ground...so watch your step when you see one coming out!  Hit them in the red spots.

Pig Ogres

500 Distant cousins to the Goblin-like Ogres of the first game, these Pig Ogres also roam the lands of Ghouls and Ghosts.  They are faster than they look, and can make long leaps to fall on an  unsuspecting target.  Watch your head if one is above you, they sometimes feel nausea...and vomit a strain of slime at you!

Headless Golem

"King of the Stone Golems"

(Picture not proportional in size)

5,000 This immense monstrosity was bought to Loki's side by promises of wealth and domination over parts of the land.  He has directed his stone golems to destroy everything good in sight.

He's rather slow, but can shoot unexpected fireballs out of his mouth.  Hit his head!

Stone Turtles

200 These turtles wander the ravaged cities and towns looking for some humans to feast on.

They're not particularly outstanding, although their rubber-like stone shell allows them to bounce around, making them hard to avoid.  They cannot be harmed while in their shell.

Sand Beetles

None These hideous creatures lie at the bottom of sand dunes, waiting for victims to fall through the quicksand.

They're shell has gone through multiple periods of evolution.  They're shells are now invulnerable to ANY attack.  Don't fall in their sand trap, and you will be fine.

Insect Goblins 100 Insect Goblins are evolutionary cousins of normal Goblins.  One side sprout legs, the other wings and prehensile claws.  They're still dangerous, so avoid their flight.

Sons of Satan (Teenage Years) 500 Initially, the Sons of Satan were refusing to join Loki's army (they considered Loki's coup d'etat against Satan treasonous).  Satan, having no choice but to join Loki's army, advised his sons to do the same.

The Sons of Satan haven't lost any speed since you last encountered them.  They still avoid attacks, they still fly fast, and they still are as deadly,  Beware!

Fire Bats 100 Fire Bats are the unholy creation of Loki.  Through his fire manipulation powers (honed to perfection in Hell), Loki can summon these creatures from normal fire at will.

They're strength comes in that they attack in numbers.  Watch out for multiple fire bats flying at you from all sides.

Eyeball Plant 500 Yep, they're back.  The normal plants of Camelot have once again been warped into these evil forms.  They shoot deadly eyeballs at you.

Fire Dog 5,000 Hmmm, he looks hungry...and I don't think he wants Kibbles 'n' Bits!  The Fire Dog is Loki's fire masterpiece.  It is also his favorite pet.  This "demon's best friend" loyally guards the entrance to the Demon Mountains.  You cannot avoid him.  You must destroy him.

Flying Goblin 100 These are also cousins of the normal Goblins.  They're only difference is that they have wings.  They like to drop stones from above you.  Watch out!

Loki's Mud Armor 500 Using his manipulation magic, Loki commands even the mud to form into his suit of armor.  These creations can stretch out their arms and even chase after you if you don't kill them fast.  Lucky for you that they are made of armor, so shoot at them!

Blowfish Ghoul 100 Like real blowfish, these ghouls attempt to scare other monsters away from them by puffing themselves up.  Although all they do is float in small circles, they're touch is deadly to you.  Hit them from a distance.

The Eye of the Hurricane 5,000 The Eye of the Hurricane is really normal weather being manipulated by Loki.  He also uses the eye of the hurricane as a way to see from a distance.  His power, however, is not infinite.  As a consequence of manipulating the weather, the eye he uses becomes the focal point of the storm.  Destroy the eyeball in the middle, and the storm dissipates.  

Tree Golems


To the normal spectator, this creature looks like a tree trunk.  But, when you are not looking, the tree trunk suddenly comes alive with evil.  These are the Tree Golems, cousins to the Stone Golems of the first game.  Like the Stone Golems, these are creatures condemned to being tree trunks for eternity.  Watch out for their wood balls that they shoot.  When you kill them, they become a harmless tree trunk.

Armored Worms


These armored worms sprout from the ground in the Crystal Caves.  Their armor is not particular strong.  Shoot them in the head a few times and they're done for, but avoid their spit slimes.  

Goblin Hands


Each hand contains 5 goblin spirits trapped inside it.  Supposedly, a revolutionary group of goblins attempted to make peace with humans and revolted against the reign of Loki.  Loki used his magic to trap the revolting goblins into slime hands.  The goblins were trapped and made to do Loki's bidding.  They now attack those coming closer to them by shooting small goblin heads and grabbing those that get too close and squishing them.

Water Worms


These worms are very low in the evolutionary scale.  They don't really attack and they're not fast at all.  Their greatest danger comes from the fact that the usually appear from under you and nimble on your armor before you can jump away.

Ghoul Snake


These creatures lie attached to the walls of the Great Abyss (under the Cave Waterfalls).  While you are dropping down on the Fly Trap Platforms, these Ghoul Snakes attempt to take shots at you.  Shoot them in the head.

Giant Slug

 (Too Big to be shown)

5, 000

The Giant Slug is one of those creatures that is best to leave alone.  The mother of all the worms and snakes you encounter, this creature's massive body keeps it stationary in the Great Abyss (really her living quarters).  She emits smaller slugs which run above her body to attack you, and 2 metal snakes who are invulnerable.  Her weakpoints are her 5 hearts.  Hit them when they bulge out of her body.

Dragon Skeleton


Satan asked one thing of his former conspirator turned revoltist...if he could have his pet dragons back. Loki, seeing no harm in this, used his magic to reanimate the bones of the killed dragons of Ghosts 'n' Goblins.  They now float throughout Loki's castle.


(Prince of Darkness)


What transpired between Satan and Loki is not very clear.  What is sure is that Loki, losing his patience with the weakened Satan after his defeat by Arthur, decided to rally the rest of the Red Guard to overthrow Satan as the leader.  His coup d'etat was successful, and now Satan has been relegated to being one of the guards of his castle.

Make no mistake...Satan may not have the power he did before, but he still can shoot flames as he used to.

The Fly Queen


Fearing a counter-revolution, Loki disbanded the Red Guard from where he came and instead opted to create his own personal bodyguard.  Using his magic, he called out to all the small, stinging insects of Camelot and collected them in this huge monstrosity.

She is vulnerable when large, but when she breaks apart into millions of bugs, she cannot be harmed.  Keep at a distance from her!a


(King of Hell)

????? Loki is an immense demon, the product of the taking of millions of souls to constitute a body.  Loki was once one of the Red Guard, the defenders of Satan.  After Satan's defeat at the hands of Arthur, he saw an opportunity to take control of the hellish armies, which he thought were badly directed (by Satan).  He convinced some of his fellow Guardsmen into revolting, and successfully took control of Hell.  He now leads the invasion of Camelot.  Kill him and save Princess Guinevere and all of Camelot!

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