Weapons and Items


Title Score Description
Giant Sword None This weapon is unlike all the other ones in that you cannot throw it, but wield it.  It's short range is slightly compensated by the fact that attacks from this weapon cause double the damage of the other weapons.
Fire Water None The latest in sorcerer's technology.  Water that actually burns like fire!  Drop it on an enemy for direct hits, or throw at the ground to see a wave of fire spread through the ground, burning those close to it.
Discus None This weapon acts much like lances and knives in that it can be thrown straight at targets, but with one slight exception.  When crouching, this weapon will skim the ground until it hits its target.  Good for hitting targets below you on a hill.
Knives None These are like lances, only faster and smaller.  Besides the Psycho Cannon, this is the best weapon in the game, in my opinion.
Axe None This weapon, like its counterpart in the first game, can cut through multiple targets.  However, it's throwing range is limited to shooting slightly upwards.  Not a good weapon for direct shooting or rapid-fire action
Lance None This is Arthur's starting weapon and is very dependable.  It's speed is average and it flies straight.  A good overall weapon to have.
The Psycho Cannon None This is the only weapon that can harm Loki.  The Goddess of War will leave it behind once she appears out of a treasure chest.
Normal Armor None This suit of armor appears to save Arthur from death when he opens a treasure chest while running around in his underwear.
Magic Armor None These special suits of armor appear when you are wearing normal armor and open one of the treasure chests throughout your travels.  The armor allows Arthur to charge up energy and release an attack specific to the weapon being held at the moment.  Experiment with different weapons.
Treasure Chests None These treasure chests appear out of the landscape during your travels.  They usually contain goodies like armor or new weapons, but beware, The Magician also hides out in some of these chests.  Kill him quickly before he turns you into something!
Ceramic Pots None These pots are left behind by killed enemies.  They contain goodies like new weapons or extra point items.
Gate Keys None These keys appear out of thin air when you defeat the Gatekeeper of the level you are in.  Use them to proceed through the gates and onto the next level.
Citizen Doll 200 These items are dropped from ceramic pots carried by monsters. 
Knight Doll 500 These items are dropped from ceramic pots carried by monsters.  They are rarer than citizen dolls.

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