Heroes & Enemies





Sir Arthur of Camelot

(King of Camelot)

None King Arthur had finally defeated Loki, and Camelot lived happily for many years.  But while Camelot rested, King Sardius strengthened the armies of Hell, captured Princess Guinevere, and launched an invasion of Camelot once again.  Will this be the final battle for Arthur?

This is Arthur in Normal Armor.  One hit, and he turns into Arthur in Underwear.

Sir Arthur in Magic Armor (Green)

None Sir Arthur in Magic Armor.  This new armor enhances normal attacks in different ways.  Experiment with different weapons

Sir Arthur in Super Magic Armor (Golden)

None Like Arthur in Magic Armor, Arthur in Super Magic Armor can shoot weapons and have the shots be enhanced.  The Super Magic Armor adds the ability to charge a special attack according to the weapon being held.  Experiment with different weapons.

Sir Arthur in Underwear

None In this state, Arthur retains all his fighting ability, but has no protection against further damage.  One more hit, and he's a goner.

Princess Guinevere

None This poor lady has been kidnapped for the third time.  Used as bait for King Arthur to enter the demon-held territories, she awaits rescue by her husband, Arthur.

Village Woman

(Arthur under the Jester's Spell)

None This is what occurs when Arthur is hit by the Jester's Spell while wearing armor.  While in this form, Arthur is helpless, although he can run and jump somewhat.  It will last for a few seconds.

Baby Arthur

(Arthur under the Jester's Spell)

None This is what occurs when Arthur is hit by the Jester's Spell while wearing only underwear.  While in this form, Arthur is helpless, and his movement and jumping are severely crippled.  It will last for a few seconds.

Bee Arthur 

(Arthur under the Jester's Spell)

None This is what occurs when Arthur is hit by the Jester's Spell while wearing Magic Armor (Green)  You cannot attack in any way, and your movement is limited to hovering over the ground.  You may "jump" higher, but will fall back to your original hovering distance from the floor.

Goddess of War

None This fairy-like goddess appears when you are wearing the Super Magic Armor and are ready to receive the Goddess' Bracelet.  The Bracelet is the only weapon able to harm Sardius.

Red Guard

(Kidnapping Princess Guinevere)

None Strangely enough, at the beginning of SG'nG, a member of the now defunct Red Guard captures the princess for Sardius.  This character will never appear in the game again.


100 They're back!  These undead creatures are resurrected by Sardius to terrorize the populace of Camelot.  They're slow, and they don't do anything but shift around.  Shoot them from a distance.

Brown WereWolves

200 These creatures of the night roam around in packs looking for the night's dinner.  They either jump around or run right after you.  Watch out for them.

Red Skull Flames

100 These normal skulls are reanimated by fire from hell.  They become enveloped by the fire and use it to form fireballs, which they toss at you.  Hit them on skull.

Eyeball Clams

100 These sea creatures appear from the sudden waves of the sea and are left behind on the land the wave crashes upon.  They jump up and spit out eyeballs at you.  Hit them when they open their mouths.

Red Circular Globs

300 Don't know what else to call these things.  They seem to appear out of thin air in the middle of mossy land.  If not killed quickly, they will bulge larger and move around trying to touch you.  They will also explode when they can't bulge more, damaging anything near it.

The Court Jester

200 Like the grave spirits of GNG, and The Magician of GNG2, it appears out of treasure chests.  The Court Jester is practically harmless.  However, he can cast a spell which can change you into various helpless forms for a small period of time.  Kill him before he can cast his spell.

Baby Cockatrice

100 These baby birds are hatched by The Cockatrice.  They run around trying to peck at you.  

The Cockatrice

(Picture is not exact size)

5,000 This hideous bird creature guards the entrance to the Shipyards.  It has powerful wings, allowing it to move around in the air fairly quickly.  It can extend its neck and try to take bites out of you.  It also spits out eggs which contain Baby Cockatrices (explained above).  Shoot its head.


200 Just a plain old ghost (about time too, the name of the series contains "Ghosts" after all).  These apparitions materialize out of wispy winds that seem to eerily float throughout the landscape.  They move pretty quick, and can change directions often.  Shoot them anywhere and they will dissipate.

Pink Mimics

100 Pink Mimics hide out in mimic treasure chests awaiting for someone to get close.  You can tell the difference between real trasure chests and mimic chests in that the real chests have a darker reddish color.  Mimic chests are pinkish.  You can kill the Mimic when it flies out at you, or you can kill the entire chest (and stopping more Mimics) by shooting the chest when the mimic comes out to look at you.

Spiked Fish

100 Pretty self-explanatory.  They live in the sea.  Don't touch them.  Shoot them from a distance.

Squid Plants

300 These creatures live in the sea and shoot venomous poison balls at you.  They take a few hits to die, so hack at them.

Sea Dragons

200 Yet another sea creature turned evil.  You can usually spot these guys in the distant waves.  When you see one, be on the lookout.  It will soon appear in front or behind you.  Shoot them a few times to kill them.

The Sponge Queen

5,000 I don't think Jacque Cousteau would have liked to meet this monstrosity.  She is the reason the sea is angry.  She uses her sponge powers to squeeze air from her top sponges to her bottom ones, creating a tornado-like effect.  She moves around fast, and shoots little cone-shaped corrals at you.  Hit her in her middle face.

Fire Mini Devils

100 These creatures are created out of the molten lava of the Volcano Mines.  They fly around trying to burn you with their hot skin.  Hit them quickly before they become a nuisance.

Fire Bears

400 These are also created out of the molten lava of the Volcano Mines.  Sardius uses his magic to warp the lava and fire into these bear-like forms.  They stomp around the mines and breathe living fire at intruders.

Sons of Satan

(Fully Grown)

500 These master devils are now fully grown.  They have formally swore allegiance to King Sardius, but secretly follow only their father's orders.  For now, they ally themselves to the armies of Sardius in the destruction of Arthur and Camelot.  But once this war is over, they will rally by their father's side and rethrone Satan as the righteous ruler of Hell.

They are quick, crafty, and strong.  They take many hits to die.  Don't underestimate them.

Stone Gargoyles 200 These creatures are frozen in stone, now mere decorative objects of Sardius Towers.  They were once rebellious ghouls who after the destruction of Loki and subsequent collapse of Hell's government allied themselves with no one.  King Sardius soon put an end to that, and condemned the rebels into an eternity in stone.  

They really can't do anything, but don't touch them or they will damage you.

Red Bats

100 Evolutionary cousins of the Blue Bats of the Deep Caves (Ghosts 'n' Goblins), these normal creatures are now controlled by Sardius' magic.  They patrol the Sardius Towers.

They just fly around.  They're easy to dodge, and even easier to shoot.

Cyclops Goblins

300 These evil creatures live in the Sardius Towers.  They are tribal in nature and not very smart.  They simply will jump on intruders of the Towers and run with their homemade spears at you.

They're small and fast and surprisingly tough.  You need to hit them a few times.

The Giant Centipede

(Picture is not exact in size)


The Giant Centipede is the guardian of the entrance to the Living Caves.  He lives in the depths of the Sardius Towers and only comes out to feed.  You must destroy him if you wish to proceed to the Living Caves.

He has the magic ability to revolve around you and disappear at will.  He shoots slime balls into the air, and they come back around to pelt you with corrosive slime.  He's not easy.  Aim for his jaw when he is revolving around you.

Genie Ghoul

300 Knowing that genies held unspeakable, but limited power, Sardius proceeded to plunder their collected power.  The genies, without being asked a wish, were useless to resist the sapping of their power.  For good measure, Sardius meshed their smoky bodies with that of normal ghouls.  The result is this half smoke half ghould monster.

They carry axes and move up and down in search of fighters from Camelot who intrude into the Living Caves.

Green Skull Flames 300 Enveloped in ethereal flame, instead of normal red flame, these creatures are exactly like the Red Skull Flames.  They rise up in flame and spit out fireballs.

Don't let the difference of natural flame and ethereal (magical) flame fool you.  They both burn human skin the same.

Blue Circular Globs 300 Once again, what the hell do you call these things?  They do exactly what the Red Circular Globs do, except they are blue and live inside the inner guts of the Living Caves.  Shoot them from a distance.

Blue Mini Devils 100 Like the Red Mini Devils, these little critters fly around quickly trying to smack into you.  They live in the inner guts of the Living Caves and you may find some patrolling the ladders of Sardius' Castle Entrance.

The Hydra

(Picture is not exact in size)


The infamous Hydra guards the rectum (hey, it's the truth) of the Living Caves.  You'll have to destroy it to move on to the Arctic Mountains.

The Hydra has 3 dragon heads.  You must destroy all 3.  The heads shoot fireballs at you and the Hydra also has the ability to compress itself into the form of a small, invulnerable devil seahorse.  When it is in this form, avoid it and move away from it.  It will soon decompress into the full Hydra, and you don't want to be under that when it materializes.

Ice Bears


Just like he can manipulate fire, Sardius can also manipulate snow.  Using his magic, he causes ice and snow to converge into these forms.  The Ice Bears are made of pure ice and snow and will breathe a deadly, liquid nitrogen cold wind at you.  If it touches you, it will burn worse than real fire.  Shoot them from a distance.

Poison Flowers


How a flower can blossom in the middle of zero-degree weather is beyond anyone.  But, that's exactly what these flowers do.  They sprout from the snowy ground of the Arctic Mountains and spit poison-filled pollen balls at you.  Watch out!  Hit them in their flower middles.

Ice Worms


The strangest creatures you will ever see!  These worms are pure ice sculptures.  They slowly build from the ground and stay in place, waiting for someone to touch its spiky surface.  Hit them from a distance, and the sculptures will collapse.

Order of the Dark Shield Knights


Remember these guys (from Ghosts 'n' Goblins)?  After they were betrayed by Satan and their souls taken, the Order hid throughout the Loki-Arthur War of Camelot.  Although nominally pledging allegiance to Sardius, they are suspicious of his motives (especially the fact that Sardius has named Satan General Supreme of Hell's Armies).  For the moment, the Order by itself is too weak to mount a revolt against Sardius.  Perhaps after the Sardius-Arthur war, other groups dissatisfied with Sardius' rule will emerge and make an alliance with the Order.  Until then, the Order lives inside small caves in the Arctic Mountains.

Their magical shields protect them from frontal attacks.  Hit them from behind.  

Ice WereWolves


These are a different breed than the Brown Wolves of the lowlands.  They act much like them, although their mane is snow white.  Nothing unusual about them.  Be careful around them.

The King of the Arctic Mountains

(Picture is not exact in size)


This creature of the cold guards the entrance to Sardius' Castle.  Another of Sardius ice sculptures (Sardius fancies himself an artist), he has created this creature to prevent anyone from entering his castle without permission.

This creature can spit out a iceball, which will explode and shoot out ice fragments everywhere and it can hover in the air while its shoulder spiked arms float around trying to slash a would-be hero.  Shoot the creature in the head.

Castle Genie Ghoul


Part of the same unfortunate group of genies captured by Sardius' magic.  These ghouls have been hand-selected from the genies to be guards of Sardius' Castle.  

They do the same things the Genie Ghouls of the Living Caves do.  Hit them from a distance.

Satan Illusion


Arthur had learned later that the Satan forms he had battled in the Loki-Arthur war of Camelot were actually illusions made by Satan's magic.  His old foe had gotten away.

Satan has created 2 illusions and placed one to guard the gate of Sardius' Castle Tower and the other to be a personal bodyguard to himself.

The illusions have the same power of Satan, only slightly limited.  The illusions can breathe fire and shot small lasers at Arthur.

Castle Mimics


The Castle Mimics are just like the normal Pink Mimics, except they're purple and live in the Castle.  

Read the Pink Mimic description for details on these monsters.


(General Supreme of Hell's Armies)


The Arch-Enemy of King Arthur.  Satan had escaped Arthur after Arthur defeated Loki, and hid in Hell.  He was unable to claim the throne of Hell because the last remaining original co-conspirator against God, Sardius, still remained undamaged in Hell.  When Loki's monarchy collapsed, Sardius took over and offered Satan a token of friendship, the generalship of his armies.  Satan accepted this offer, but only for the time being.  He still feels himself the rightful ruler of Hell, having been the first to publicly challenge God in those past days.  He secretly conspires with his sons in order to regain the throne from Sardius.

Satan, stripped of his immortality by Loki and Sardius, has aged quite a bit.  His skin color has changed and he shows a white beard.  Don't let the age fool you, he is still an evil creature to be reckoned with.  Satan can breathe fire and has perfected a super laser bolt which destroys anything in its path.


King of Hell

(Picture is not exact in size)


Sardius, along with Loki, was one of Satan's co-conspirators against God himself.  He and Loki were banished from Heaven for supporting Satan during those unstable times.

During the Satan-Arthur and Loki-Arthur Wars, he was commander of Hell's internal security detachment.  He never saw combat, as both previous wars occured in the occupied territories of Camelot.  Hell was left intact.  Both his predecessors were weakened from their defeats, and he finally saw a chance to rule.  He was able to capture's Loki remaining power before he imploded, and stripped Satan of his immortality to strengthen his own power.  As a token of goodwill, he appointed Satan General Supreme of his armies.  Sardius is unaware of Satan's conspiring, but he holds a firm grip on power.

Sardius learned well from his predecessors and is betting the same mistakes won't be made again.  He's a formidable opponent, spitting multiple lasers to all sides.  You must get on the flying platforms his stomach face emits so that they raise you to his head level, and you can shoot his head. 

This may be the last foe to defeat for peace to come to Camelot.  Good Luck, Arthur.

*My apologies for the "fuzziness" of the pictures.  Although I use Adobe ImageReady to decrease picture sizes, GNG and GNG2 pictures that underwent the "decreasing" process did not come out slightly fuzzy.  I must assume that this is a function of ZSNES in its snapshot phase.

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