Weapons and Items


Title Score Description
Hand Axes None These weapons follow a circular, rotating path while in flight.  They're not very good for rapid fire, and sometimes they miss their target while dong their loops in the air.  I wouldn't recommend it.
Knives None Knives are like lances, only smaller and much faster.  Unlike the other games, knives do less damage in this game then other weapons.  What might take a lance one hit to kill, might take 2 or more knives to do the job.  
Sickles None They are a lot like lances and knives.  The sickle rotates while in flight, but flies straight like lances.  Their rapid fire action is slow, but their damage seems to be good.
Lances None Arthur's trusty old weapon.  The Lance is Arthur's first weapon and is pretty dependable.  It seems they've slowed down the attack speed on the lance in this game, but overall a good, straight shooting weapon.
Bow and Arrows None This weapon allows Arthur to shot a number of arrows in a slightly upwards range.  It's not really good for straight shooting and its damage factor is a little below average.  
Firewater None This weapon is like the firewater of Ghouls 'n' Ghosts.  It has very limited range when thrown.  The "bouquet" of fire quickly falls to the ground.  However, once it hits the ground, it spread a few feet forward, burning anything in its path.  This weapon has terrible rapid fire action and I would not recommend using it.
Goddess' Bracelet None This is the only weapon that can kill Sardius.  After wearing Super Magic Armor, Arthur may open a treasure chest and find the fairy Goddess of War floating out of the chest.  She will leave behind this magic bracelet, which can emit strong fireballs.
Red Shield None Initially, this shield is part of the Super Magic Armor.  Should it break, you may find a replacement in one of the treasure chests.  This shield can withstand one hit before breaking.  It must be a direct shot at the shield for the shield to protect Arthur.
Blue Shield None This shield appears after Arthur is wearing Super Magic Armor and has a Red Shield.  It increases shield protection by one damage hit.  One hit will turn it into the Red Shield, one more and the shield breaks.  It must be a direct shot at the shield for the shield to protect Arthur.
Ceramic Pots None These pots are left behind by monsters when you kill them and usually contain new weapons or extra point items.
Treasure Chests None These chests contain new weapons, suits of armor, shields, or extra items.  Beware The Jester...he sometimes comes out of treasure chests and casts a spell on you.
Citizen Dolls 200 These items give you an extra 200 points.
Knight Dolls 500 These items give you an extra 200 points
Normal Money Bags 500 Normal Money Bags give you an extra 500 points
Special Money Bags 1,000 Special Money Bags have a yellowish-tinge to them and give you an extra 1,000 points
Leg Traps None While playing SG'nG, I came upon this rare item.  It came out of a treasure chest and when I stepped on it with Arthur, he died.  Needless to say, if you see one of these, DON'T STEP ON IT.
Gate Keys None These items appear after you defeat a gatekeeper to allow you to open the gate and move on to the next level.
Normal Armor None When Arthur is running around naked, these suits of armor appear out of treasure chests to protect him.
Magic Armor  None This suit of armor enhances your normal weapon in different ways.  Experiment with different weapons
Super Magic Armor None This suit of armor enhances your normal weapons (like the Green Magic Armor), but adds the ability to perform a special magic attack depending on the weapon being held.  Experiment with different weapons.

*My apologies for the "fuzziness" of the pictures.  Although I use Adobe ImageReady to decrease picture sizes, GNG and GNG2 pictures that underwent the "decreasing" process did not come out slightly fuzzy.  I must assume that this is a function of ZSNES in its snapshot phase.

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