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Major Dutch Schaefer N/A Major Dutch Schaefer was the leader of a Special Operations expedition force sent into Latin America to neutralize a Marxist guerrilla group threatening U.S interests in the area.  Unknown to him or his squad, an unknown alien being had landed nearby in the jungle on a tribal mission to prove himself as a hunter/warrior.

His squad was quickly slaughtered by the cunning alien, and even Dutch himself  almost perished.  Only his above average strength and training allowed him to fool the Predator alien into a trap, which crushed the alien.  Rather than dying without honor, the Predator set off a time bomb to kill himself and Dutch.  Dutch was able to land in a ditch to survive the attack, but the force of the explosion was so great that flying debris seared off the right arm of Dutch.  He was rescued by military medical personnel and later retrofitted with an experimental cyborg arm/machine gun.

Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa

N/A Lynn Kurosawa is the latest in cyborg technology.  The product of ambitious Japanese corporations, Linn Kurosawa combines superhuman strength (although lesser than the Predator race), speed, familiarity with all types of weapons, and a prototype programming that gives her virtually all the martial arts ever created.  She is specially adept in the Japanese sword art of Kendo, among other styles.  She uses a katana blade as a personal defense weapon.

Predator Warrior

Name: Unknown

N/A The Predators are an alien race that lives about 50 lightyears from the Milky Way galaxy.  Having mastered warp transport technology, they're spaceships can reach any destination in the Universe.

The Predators are a mixture of civilization and barbarism.  They are carbon-based lifeforms with an extraordinary amount of strength (about 3 times that of the strongest human).  Their entire society is based on a system of primitive trials (despite their advanced technology) that incorporate hunting, fighting, and the noble learning of various martial arts.

The Predator Warrior belongs to the upper caste of the Predator Society.  He is well trained in the martial arts of his world, and is adept with a custom-made spear.  He also wears a standard issue shoulder plasma-cannon.  The Predator Warrior strives to achieve honor in his fighting, and will not fight unworthy opponents.  Don't be fooled, however, for he will fight like an enraged beast should he consider the match a worthy one!

Predator Hunter

Name: Unknown

N/A The Predator Hunter is a member of the lower-caste of his homeworld.  His only chance at social uplifting is by proving his exceptional skills to the elders of his society in the arts of hunting, fighting, and defense.  Without the noble education that the upper class receives, the Predator Hunter is driven purely by his animalistic instincts and desires.  He has no other possessions but his custom-built shoulder plasma cannon  (stolen from a military depot in his world) and naginata (bequeathed to him by a martial arts master who took pity on him for his poverty at an early age).  Through his training with this master, the Predator Hunter has actually acquired a knowledge of fighting equal or superior to that taught to the noble class of his world.  However, he has no scruples in killing whatever he feels and has been known to go into violent rampages that scare even the most bloodthirsty of his species.  The Predator Hunter uses the Naginata as his main weapon.

Chest Buster

500 The larvae of the Alien species.  This thing grow as parasites in infected bodies of other species until ready to pop out through the chest of the victim.  They are hard to kill, as they slither quickly through the ground.  Do a sweep attack on them!

Alien Scorpion

300 These critters pop out of Alien cocoons and run around until they make a jump at your face!

Alien Warrior

500 The regular spawn of the Alien race.  These are the most common aliens to be found.  They have regular speed and occasionally swipe at you or spit deadly acid at you.

Alien Stalker

1,000 A larger, slightly more agile and stronger verson of the Alien warrior.  These guys take a few more hits to kill and they occasionally take small jumps at you.

Alien Arachnoid

2,000 A special evolution of the Alien species that is equipped with stronger leg muscles, allowing for quicker movement and high jumps.  Watch out for these, they are quick and will pounce on you.

Alien Smasher

2,000 This special evolution of the Alien species is equipped with a reinforced caparace above the skull.  If you see them waving their heads in a crazy way, watch out.  They are going to charge like a bull!

Aien Defender

2,000 This special evolution of the Alien species is equipped with reinforced arm caparace, allowing for them to literally "block" most attacks (including some gunfire shots).  You simply will have to hack away at them until one of your blows connects.

Alien Cocoon

400 The eggs of the Alien species.  These are harmless, but if you see one open, watch out for the Alien scorpions they spit out!  Destroy them before they can hatch.

Infected Human 700 These are the reanimated dead remains of former human soldiers which were in pursuit of the Alien species.  They have been parasited by the Aliens and now walk mindlessly around in search of victims.  They are slow and not particularly strong.  Give them a way hits and they'll break apart.

Automatic Gun Turret 2,000 The latest in military technology, these gun turrets were intended to secure passageways from the infiltration of Aliens.  They are complete self-activated and will shoot bullets at ANY creature passing in front of it. 

Human Private 1,000 Privates in the Army of the Wayland Corporation.  They are normal soldiers, with the ability to use all types of knives and machine guns.  They are not particularly strong, and they are easy prey for Predators.

Human Corporal 1,100 Human Corporals are a step above Privates.  They have been in the Army for a while and know the ins and outs of army life.  They are faster and stronger than privates and will sometimes surprise you in their attack patterns.

Human Sergeant 1,200 Human Sergeants are the best human soldiers you will encounter.  They are fast and can use virtually all weapons available on the screen.  But, don't be alarmed.  To a Predator, all humans are the same: weak.

Chrysalis (Boss 1) 4,400 The Chrysalis is a special spawn of the Alien queen that has a circular exoskeleton caparace, allowing it to do flips through the floor and ram opponents.  It also hops around and uses its claws, fangs, and tail to attack enemies.  Beware!

Royal Guard


3,000 The Royal Guards are specially placed around sensitive areas near the Queen or her eggs.  They are especially genetically programmed while in the cocoon to defend the Queen or the eggs at all cost.  They are fast, have long reach, and periodically release bursts of acid all around them, making it difficult to approach it and fight it.

Razor Claws

(Boss 2)

5,200 The Alien known as Razon Claws by the human soldiers is an abomination in genetic mutation.  Through a genetic malfunction in the cocoon process, this Alien was born with extraordinary claws, which are razor-sharp.  Needless to say, a few swings by this monster, and  your character will be sliced in half

Power Loader

(Boss 5)

7,400` This is the famousn human technology that saved the life of Ripley during her fight with a Queen in outer space.

This particular Power Loader is being manned by a soldier instructed to kill all opponents of General Bush's plan to use Aliens as bio-weapons.

Infected Predator

25,000 Secretly sent by the tribal elders of the Predator homeworld to oversee the trials of both the noble Predator Warrior and the brutal Predator Hunter, this Predator was ambushed by a pack of Aliens.  True to his race, he gave a noble fight, killing all his opponents and removing their skull/spinal cords as trophies of his victory.  He was unaware, however, that one of the Aliens had managed to infect him with Alien larvae.

He is now controlled by an Alien chest-buster which lives inside his chest.  He is a dangerous opponent, as any Predator is.

General Bush


General Bush is the highest officlal of the Wayland Corporation's army in the Western coast of the United States.

Mad with greed and visions of unchecked power, he seeks to control the Alien species to make them a sort of bio-weapon to unleash on enemy territories.  Little does he know that he is being tracked by the Alien Queen herself.

The Alien Queen

(Boss 4 and 7)

27,400 The matriarch of the Alien species, she is the one that has given life to all the Aliens roaming on Earth.  She is deadly, strong, fast and will not rest until she kills those that killed her babies.

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