Weapons and Items


Title Score Description
Spiked Spear N/A The Spiked Spear is the Predator Warrior's favorite weapon.  Only he can wield it with skill.  If the others pick it up, they can only use it to throw it at enemies.  Should the Predator Warrior be hit and lose hold of the spear for a long period of time, this item will appear to give him a new spear to use
Naginata N/A This is the Predator Hunter's favorite weapon.  Everything that applies to the Spiked Spear applies to the Naginata
Katana N/A This is Linn Kurosawa's favorite weapon.  Everything that applies to the Spiked Spear applies to the Katana.
Boomerang Axe N/A The Boomerang Axe is representative of the mixture of civilization and barbarism that is Predator society.  Obviously crude in the way it kills (razor edges), what is not easily seen is that the Boomerage Axe has a built-in anti-gravity emitter to make flight and tossing it easier, as well as radar technology to assure successful return to the thrower. 
Super Magazine N/A The Super Magazine will give you 10 seconds of unlimited firepower with your special weapon (for Predators, shoulder cannon, for humans and cyborgs, machine gun fire).
Rocket Launcher N/A Wayland Corporation standard issue.  It holds several rockets inside and can be very explosive against packs of Aliens.
Grenade N/A A regular grenade.  These items explode on contact with the ground or an enemy
Pulse Gun N/A The Pulse Gun is the standard issue machine-gun.  Its shoots are not very strong, and they cannot penetrate through targets.  Good for maybe 3 or 4 aliens, but after that, the gun is empty.
Lead Pipe N/A Capcom just can't resist placing a lead pipe in their fighting games, can they?!  I mean, what does a lead pipe have to do with AVP? 

Anyway, you can pick up these items and throw them through several enemies.

Flame Thrower N/A This weapon emits a burst of napalm fire, burning anything in its path.
Army Knife N/A These weapons are used by the various Wayland army soldiers you will encounter.  You can throw them through several enemies.
Smart Gun N/A The latest in military technology.  The Smart Gun was designed to improve on existing machine guns.  It has a larger magazine allowing for continued firing and the bullets are designed to penetrate many targets, making it an ideal weapon against many opponents. 
Gold Bars 20,000 These rare items give you 20,000 points
Blue Emerald (Aquamarine) 4,000 These give you 4, 000 points
Green Emerald 5,000 These give you 5,000 points
Green Diamond 8,000 These give you 8,000 points
Necklace 6,000 These give you 6,000 points
Orange Emerald (Amber) 4,000 These give you 4,000 points
Purple Emerald (Amethyst) 4,000

These give you  4,000 points

Purple Diamond (Lapiz Lazuli) 4,000

These give you 4,000 points

Ring 10,000

Looks eerily like the rings found in Ghosts 'n' Goblins, huh?  Capcom has a history of putting similar bonus items in different games.

Anyway, these are worth 10,000 points

Soda Can 5,000

These items give you a very small amount of life and 5,000 points

Hot Dog N/A

These items give you a small amount of life

Pizza 15,000

These give you some life and 15,000 points

Beef Steak N/A

These items refill a significant amount of your life

Ham N/A

These items refill an average part of your life

Lobster 40,000

These items give you a moderately large amount of life and 40,000.  They are rare.

Roast Pig 25,000

These items refill half your life.  They also give you 25,000 points.  They are rare.

Salad 10,000

These items give you a small amount of life and 10,000 points.  They are rare.

Chicken N/A

These items give you a good portion of life

Turkey N/A

These items give you an above average amount of life.

Medicine Kit N/A

These items refill ALL your health.

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