M.E.R.C.S Weapons and Items

Picture Name Points Description



These supply boxes are left throughout the territory of Zutula by the revolutionary government.  As part of their retreat to their main bases, they have left them around.  Supply boxes contain weapons, powerups, and food.

Weapons Powerup


Weapons Powerups increase the range and power of all weapons. 

Super Bomb


One of the strongest conventional weapons made.  The U.S. Super Bomb is the largest, hand launched bomb in the U.S. arsenal.  Its design is made to propel the bomb in the air and produce an explosion force that pushes forwards and to the side.  Everyone in front and to the sides will be propelled into the air and killed.  The design protects the shooter of the bomb, as he will only feel a strong breeze from the weapons' explosion.

Spinach Bottles


Standard field rations.  Spinach bottles increase life and give an extra 2,000 points.



Standard U.S. issue flamethrower.  The flamethrower was developed around the Second World War.  It consists of a ignited pilot connected to a source of petroleum jelly (usually a gasoline derivative).  This allows for the "throwing" of fire in a straight flame.  It will burn any soldier that stands in its way, and even cause damage to larger vehicles.

Assault Shotgun


The Army Assault Shotgun improves on the shotgun technology by adding a faster firing rate and stronger pellets.  The shotgun has a large spread range, but it's shooting range is limited compared to the other weapons

Medal of Honor


The honorary medals of the revolutionary army.  Probably left behind from dead revolutionary soldiers.  Pick them up for war mementos.  They give you an extra 1,000 points

Life Meter Upgrade


These items extend the amount of life you can have.



Yes, I know.  What the hell is an American cheeseburgers doing in the middle of some battlefield in Zutula?  Anyway, these items increase health and give an extra 500 points.

First Aid Kits


These first aid kits are part of International Red Cross packages sent to Zutula to help the population.  The revolutionary government is using them as part of their widely implemented health campaign, which seems to be succeeding.  If you can find some of these packages lying around, grab it.  It will replenish 50%-75% of your health.



The soldiers have left this food behind in their retreat.  They increase life and give an extra 5,000 points.

Assault Rifle


Your stardard issue weapon.  You leave the helicopter with this weapon.  It has limited spread and power against larger vehicles.  It has a good rapid fire rate and is perfect for soldier to soldier battles.

Grenade Launcher


Grenade Launchers are the best weapons in the game (in my opinion).  They shoot small, bazooka grenades at enemy targets.  It's range is limited slightly, but the attack power is great.  Shoot one missile at a group of 5 soldiers and watch them fly in the air.  Shoot it at a tank, and watch it be demolished quickly.  Highly recommended.



Chickens are left behind by fleeing revolutionaries.  They increase life and give an extra 3,000 points.

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